Red Truck Supply’s history began on June 12th, 1972.  The company started as Martin-Griffin Inc. named for it’s founders Jessie Martin and Elbert Griffin.  Later the company name was changed to AG Supply, Inc.  In 1996 the current owner’s, Randy and Cindy Strickland, took over daily management of the company.  Since then, we have continued to work providing equipment and service to poultry producers in central North Carolina. Today as Red Truck Supply, we have three areas of business: We continue to serve local farmers with poultry and livestock equipment, we provide hardware to farm and non-farm customers, and the latest area of interest at Red Truck Supply is providing the best darkout systems, or light traps, to poultry producers everywhere.

• Our mission is to meet the objectives of the customers, employees, and owners.

• We are responsible to our customers to provide quality equipment, proper installation, and timely service        at competitive pricing.

• We are responsible to our employees to provide financial reward for their work, to provide a safe work             environment and the opportunity for stable and long term employment.

• We are responsible to the owners to provide the greatest return for their investment.


Randy Final_edited.jpg
Randy Strickland

Owner and Sales

Email: randy@redtrucksupply.com

Cindy Final_edited.jpg
Cindy Strickland

Owner and Bookkeeper

Email: cindy@redtrucksupply.com

JR Moody

Area Manager - Rockingham

Email: jrredtrucksupply@hotmail.com

Kevin Final 3_edited.jpg
Kevin Alderman

Installation Manager

Email: kevin@redtrucksupply.com

Stephen Brown

IT Technician

Email: stephen@redtrucksupply.com

Albert Final_edited.jpg
Albert Gonzales

Quality Manager

Email: albertredtrucksupply@gmail.com

Jimmy Walton

Marketing Director

Email: jimmy@redtrucksupply.com

Robbie Final_edited.jpg
Robbie Kaylor

Warehouse Manager

Email: robbie@redtrucksupply.com

A Final_edited.jpg
Alex Walton

Light Trap Coordinator

Email: alex@redtrucksupply.com

Carolyn Final_edited.jpg
Carolyn Lambeth

Office Coordinator

Email: carolynredtrucksupply@gmail.com

Kathy Final_edited.jpg
Kathy Glenn


Email: kathyredtrucksupply@gmail.com

Pepe Garcia

Parts Counter Associate

Email: pepe@redtrucksupply.com

Dustin Final_edited.jpg
Dustin Staley

Lead Installer

Email: dustinredtrucksupply@gmail.com

Jonathan Final_edited.jpg
Jonathan Bell


Jon Final_edited.jpg
Jon Nance

Service Technician

Email: jonredtrucksupply@gmail.com

Luis Final_edited.jpg
Luis Rivas

Material Handler